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Disease Detection

Disease Detection For Pets

Over their lifetimes, pets can develop several health problems that affect their well-being and their function. New veterinary technologies allow faster and more accurate disease detection, so veterinarians can provide treatment to improve the pet’s comfort and quality of life. At The Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley, we offer a broad range of testing for disease detection in our patients.

X-Ray Testing

The use of x-rays has allowed veterinarians to view the hard structures inside the body, instead of resorting to invasive surgery. Vets often use x-rays to detect abnormalities in the spine or joints of animals, caused by an injury or medical problems, such as osteoarthritis. X-rays can also be helpful to determine the extent of cancers and other conditions.

Ultrasound Testing

Ultrasound uses sound waves to create a computer image of the soft tissues in an affected area of the body. Veterinarians use this technology to determine problems in the internal organs, such as heart enlargement, kidney stones, or obstructions in the abdomen. This information can be critical for detecting diseases and providing appropriate treatment for pets.

Laboratory Tests

Chemical components in the blood, urine, and other fluids can tell veterinarians a great deal about what’s going on in an animal’s body. These lab tests detect abnormal levels of proteins, white blood cells, glucose, and other compounds that are associated with certain disease conditions. By understanding these variations from normal levels, the vet can pinpoint certain diseases and provide proper treatments. These tests can be particularly important in senior care for animals when many common diseases arise.

Veterinary Care in Spring Branch, TX

Our veterinarians and staff at The Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley make the quality of care our priority for all of our patients. We offer many veterinary services, such as exams, preventative care, vaccinations, spay and neutering, allergy care, and senior animal care. Call The Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley today at (830) 438-8885 for an appointment to learn how today’s disease detection measures can help your pet have a longer, more active life.

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