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Do you brush your pet’s teeth every day? We know that this can be hard to keep up with and want to help the pets of our community maintain their dental health which has a direct impact on their overall health as they age.


Did you know that your pet’s bad breath could be a warning sign of dental disease? If left untreated, dental disease could lead to several critical health complications for your beloved pet. When gum disease goes untreated, tartar builds up under the gumline causing infections and introducing harmful bacteria to your pet’s bloodstream.

At Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley, we encourage pet owners to avoid costly dental surgery in your pet’s later years by visiting us for a dental cleaning once yearly. By keeping up with your pet’s yearly dental cleaning you are preventing long term health issues, tooth extractions and more. Dental health is the core of your pet’s health and to ensure they are happy, healthy, and most importantly pain free, requires yearly dental cleanings, especially for those of us who don’t get around to brushing as much as we would like to!

Do you think your pet may be due for a cleaning? Contact us today and we can talk dental health!

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